Adrienne Morgan-Hammond

Adrienne Morgan-Hammond,
At our German Elvis Tribute Weekend, we were able to win a singer and entertainer for a two-hour gospel workshop on Saturday morning for interested and music-loving festival participants.
An unforgettable workshop on Saturday 16 July 2022 at the unique festival price of 20 euros with an internationally known jazz and gospel singer.
Lern to perform Amazing Grace and Oh Happy Day in a 120-minute workshop (number of participants is limited to 25 persons).


The New York Times wrote the following about Adrienne Morgan Hammond, who originally came to Germany for the production of the Elvis musical:
"...Adrienne Morgan Hammond, a jazz singer and former dancer who now directs a Choir called Jambalaya. With a laugh she said: "Blacks say, `You're taking our work´, and Germans say `Gospel singing's in the blood´. But I say, `I'm here to change the world´." At an outdoor concert in Bonn, around the corner from Beethoven´s birth place, Jambalaya rocked the venerable Rathaus Markt Platz with a gospel version of "Ode to Joy" Adrienne and Jambalaya moved several hundred onlookers, Turks and Africans as well as Germans, to clap with the right emphasis..." (New York Times )