Arron Walker

Arron Walker, a young Elvis artist (ETA), won the 2016 Porthcawl Newcomer Award in Wales. In the main event he finally finished second.
He became British ETA Champion in the year 2017.
In the beginning of 2018 he won the competition in Blackpool and finished second in the same year at the Elvis Tribute Artists European Championships. In 2018 he also received the award "Gold Lame Jacket"
Arron was recently named European Winner 2019 in Birmingham, England.
His dream is to win the "Ultimate Tribute Artist Contest" in Memphis. He honestly admits, "I know that sounds ambitious, but you must have a dream, you must have a goal, and my golden dream is to win the Ultimate."
Inspired by his father's love for Elvis and his sounds, it was only a matter of time before the „Elvis bug was going to bite!“ His goal is to render Elvis as good as possible. He's studying Elvis movies and videos to perfectly imitate Elvis.